Reviews & Comments of The Division

March 5, 2012

Here are some reviews and comments that people sent us and they are great! BIG Thank you to everyone who sent in their reviews and comments! We’d love to hear what you think about THE DIVISION. Send in your reviews or leave comments on the videos to be featured on the site! Thank you for your support!



“Few television Shows evoke the kind of viewer interest that causes one to be excited to see the next, upcoming episode. THE DIVISION is a bona fide seat-of-your-pants thriller which will leave you wanting more the moment the current episode ends. Filmmaker Eric Won has nailed it!” 

- David S. Samuels, CEO, KoldCast TV


“I was knocked out by The Division’s first two episodes – compelling drama, fine acting, top-notch production quality and more plot twists in two webisodes than most thrillers manage in an hour. I’m eagerly waiting for the next one!” 

- Gavin Doughtie, Software Developer, Google


“The best Web Series I have seen yet! Action thriller, with great acting, and Cinematography! We want more!”

- Denny Twigg, VP Investment/Producer, XGM Entertainment


“I’d rather watch this than ANYTHING on the tube right now.  It is exciting, it is well-written, it is well-acted, it is shot beautifully and the production quality is off the hook.  I’m a member of IATSE as a grip, an award-winning screenwriter, producer of a couple of shorts and a TV pilot and the instructor of the Film Technician Training Program at my local community college, so I’m not exactly a layman here.  I know quality when I see it, and I know what’s in the heart of Eric Won.  It’s a recipe for success if I ever saw one.”

- Dan Williams, President, Tecolote Films, LLC


“Very easy to get hooked on this series. A thriller that to me is on par in production and quality acting of anything on HBO or Showtime. Very easy to catch up on, just two episodes in..”

- Shaun Daily, Host, The Television Man Radio Talk Show


“It’s a great series. This show really brings a “Web Series” to a new level!”  

- Cowboy Spirit TV


“Now this is a great series !! Whether it be on TV or on the net it is great.”

- TheTelevisionMan


“This is turning into a really good web series. Can’t wait to see what happens next.”  

- seng2kx


“What the hell is happening, why not much people saw this! It’s a perfect web series!! Nice work…”  - mihoub1


“Where is his SON?! Ahhhh, must know what happens next!”  - gsmaestro


“Great Series. Hope To See More.”  - jack364


“It would be a shame to end the series without knowing what happened. Will be interesting to see how the Senator is involved, if the wife is still alive, and what happened to Secretary Miller, who by the way, was very believable in his roll.”

- Rose Bonner


“Eric, I’m upset with you right now… You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to see this pop up in my subscriptions on Youtube!”  - Joshua Lawrence


“Always impressed by the production quality and attention to detail in this one! A cut above the standard web series!!”  - Mike Feurstein


“This web series is very well done on many levels. The writing is clear and engaging, the acting is handled with passion and poise, and the production quality is outstanding. The DP has quite a handle on how to use surroundings, people and backdrops to their fullest extent and he knows how to use that camera to make the audience feel as though they’re part of the action. 


Creator, writer and director Eric Won knows exactly what he wants out of his actors and out of his crew. He treats everyone with respect and inclusion. This series definitely deserves to be a widely released project.”  - Tecolote Films, LLC


Guys, this show shouldn’t be just a webseries, this deserves to air on television, because it is great and exciting.  - Leuki


The Division is one of the coolest web series out there! Now. Check it out! If you don’t know, now you know.  - Akeem Smith, Actor


If you haven’t seen this amazingly GREAT web series, what are you waiting for…  -  William Ostroff, Festival Director, FirstGlance Film Festival

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